Ernest Hemingway Would Always Be There For Me...

But now Ernest Hemingway is dead.
Blink 182

—Stay Together For The Kids

Stay Together For The Kids | Blink-182

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"National Talk Like a Pirate Day" - Lambchop

This is appropriate.

I’m really tired (and a little sick), but I can’t sleep and now I’m answering nonsensical Journey math problems and also it’s a small town girl the boy was from south Detroit and help what am I even doing with my life

Maybe it’s the mild fever, maybe it’s the lack of sleep, maybe it’s because I’m a little stoned. It could also just be the fact that I have a large Lord of the Rings poster and a large Shawshank Redemption poster on my wall right next to each other…

But I really want to see a Shawshank/LOTR crossover where Gandalf has to escape Isengard, but it takes him almost 20 years and he has to use the rock hammer and Rita Hayworth poster that Morgan Freeman smuggled into Orthanc to make his getaway.


Looks like Greg Dulli and I are breaking up.


Looks like Greg Dulli and I are breaking up.


My one and only (poorly put together, in the spirit of The Room) contribution to the doge meme.

Here ya go internet…

In honor of The Room screening next week, I’m bringing this back.